Welcome to JordanBrinkman.com! My name is Jordan Brinkman and I recently graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Informatics. My focuses include Information Technology, System Administration, and Software Development. I have 9 years of experience working within the Information Technology industry, and have managed and provided support for networks containing over 500 machines. With a passion for technology and an enthusiastic attitude, let me help you move your company forward.


My love for technology all started with the exploration of my family's first computer: an IBM PS/1 with as much memory as the size of a single digital photo today. The computer had come preloaded with a series of educational games ranging from shapes and numbers to jigsaw puzzles. Being the early '90s, many computer applications still required discs to run, and this is where my exploration began. Matching discs to applications and slowly learning how to install new games like Wolfenstein 3D and Are You Afraid of the Dark? paved the way and made me wonder how it all worked.

As elementary and middle school rolled around, my interest piqued again with a few more complex concepts: server management and website development. With the rise of the game Quake III Arena, my interest turned toward creating an online server where people from around the world could come together to play in environments that I had customized for them. It was at this time that I was required to learn the basics of TCP/IP as well as file formatting and customization.

As more and more online gamers formed teams, new websites were developed to track team rankings and provide a place for discussion. It was at this time that I decided that I would take on the role of developing a website for our team and learn all of the skills necessary to make it fully functional. This task required that I not only learn basic design in Photoshop, but also pick up my first programming language: PHP. I worked for many weeks, drawing sketches and testing scripts until the final project was complete and just the way I had planned. The ability to see my visions come to life and be in complete control of how my system worked fueled my interest ever further.

During high school, my first run-in with Information Technology came about. As a freshman, CISCO IT Essentials A+ provided the foundation that I needed to be more successful in my technical endeavors. As the yearlong course came to an end, I registered for the next big course: CISCO CCNA, which was taught by the same instructor. This course lasted for two school years and ended with a vast final in which students were to design and equip a simulated network for a corporation. During my four years of classes I was given the role of a student IT technician, responsible for providing support for not only the school, but also the staff and their personal home computers due to my enthusiasm and expertise.

Since that time, my knowledge of Information Technology has grown immensely and I have expanded my knowledge of programming languages to five. My curiosity and passion for technology continually grow every day with the release of the latest and greatest, mind-blowing products and technologies.


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